Process engineering is our passion.


Since 2011, our team of talented engineers is working with entrepreneurs and companies worldwide, to imagine, design, and develop software, dynamically boosting business efficiency and productivity. We guide businesses through the art of digitization. Our experts are providing our clients with tailor-made solutions that drive immediate results.



Enterprise Asset Tracking and Management Solution™ - the real time solution for your realtime business demand. The right technology leads business plans and strategies into live results. We deliver industry-specific, custom designed software solutions, that rearrange your business processes. We deliver a complete range of products and services to our customers across traditional and online industries. Working together, we have transformed organizations where technology was just a tool to support their businesses into organizations that use technology to expand and revolutionize their business models. With every system we design, implement and support, we recognize that the quality of our work directly impacts the sustainability of the business. Our strength in this market is built on our successful delivery to our customers.


The Process

Evaluation & assessment

Today's business challenges require top-notch technology. Our experts will study and evaluate your existing technology and processes.


To find the best solution, we work together with your highly qualified industry professionals.

Design & engineering

Identifying your enterprise demands and your enterprise systems demand we design and build the best solution for your business.


We make enterprise technologies more agile through better business process management and smarter analytics. EATRAC™ is the tool for your intelligent enterprise.

Service & management

Our global service and management framework and industry-specific blueprints allow us to meet the end-to-end needs of your enterprise.


Our goal is cooperation. We will train and support your staff. Powerful solutions for real results.